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Softphone.Pro 3

Softphone app for call center agents and sales pros

Softphone Pro 3


  • Softphone.Pro 3 app for Windows, macOS

Softphone.Pro Team

Softphone app, remote login and configuration, live dashboard and Agent status indication, call center workforce management


  • Softphone.Pro 3 app for Windows, macOS

Supervisors and managers

  • Live dashboard and Agent status indication
  • 15+ online reports
  • Workforce management

System administrators, IT

  • Softphone.Pro remote configuration
  • Keep Softphone.Pro settings hidden from Agents

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Softphone Softphone.Pro 3 Softphone.Pro Team
Softhone dekstop app for Windows and macOS
Up to 32 SIP accounts per app
Attended and unattended transfer, call hold
Conference call with up to 6 participants
Voice mail drop (play pre-recorded messages)
Automatic call recording
Contact presence inidcation (BLF)
Missed call email notification
Conditional call forwarding
After call work (ACW)
Call tag (disposition code, wrapup code)
Live dashboard and online reporting Softphone.Pro 3 Softphone.Pro Team
Live dashboard
Agent status indication
Call log
Call recording cloud storage (90 days)
General call report
Incoming calls distribution reports: by hour, by day of week, by location
Inbound service level reports: inbound service level (SLA), answered by answer time, abandoned by wait time
Outbound performance report
Agent work time reports: availability per agent, occupancy per agent, breaks per agent, agent time spent per status
Softphone remote login and provisioining Softphone.Pro 3 Softphone.Pro Team
Softphone.Pro desktop app remote login
Softphone.Pro remote configuration (provisioining)
Softphone.Pro configuration templates
Keep Softphone.Pro settings hidden from Agents
Integration Softphone.Pro 3 Softphone.Pro Team
3-rd party CRM and Helpdesk instant integration
Upload call recordings to cloud storage, network folder, HTTP or FTP server
Cisco, Yealink XML remote phonebook
Import Contacts from CSV file
Google Contacts synchronization
Licensing and support Softphone.Pro 3 Softphone.Pro Team
Licensing Concurrent Per-seat
Licensing Time Perpetual (life-time) 1, 6, 12 months subscription (1 month = 30 days)
Free Updates and Support 1 year While subscription is active
Support by Email Email