Call tagging

Call tagging associates a text tag with a call. It helps Supervisors to categorize and analyze calls. You need to define tags on Softphone.Pro first, so you can add tag on the After Call Work pop-up window.

Supervisor can see tags on Call Log and call reports at Softphone.Pro Team.

Call tags in Softphone.Pro Team

If you don't have Softphone.Pro Team account, please sign-up.

How to define and add tags

1. Exit Softphone.Pro.

2. Open SoftphonePro.ini configuration file in a plain-text editor and add [CallTag] section:


Please replace (INDEX) with the appropriate tag index and (NAME) with the tag display name.

Every [CallTag(INDEX)] section must have unique numeric (INDEX) suffix starting with 1: [CallTag1], [CallTag2], [CallTag3], etc..

Below is the tag configuration example:


Name=Customer Support



3. Enable After Call Work pop-up window.

4. After call add tag on After Call Work window and click Complete button.

After call work window

Choose call tag

Click Complete button when finished

5. Also you can add or update tag for any call you can see on the Call Log window. Click the right mouse button on a call and click the After Call Work. Add tag and click Complete button.

Open After Call Work window on Call Log