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PBX Advanced Features

Setup call transfer method

Transfer call

Attended call transfer


Contact presence indication (BLF)

Hold and unhold an active call

Cisco, Yealink XML remote phone book synchronization


How multiple users license works?

«Unable to validate your license key» and «Unable to validate trial period» messages

«You have exceeded the maximum number of users» message

«The license key is not suitable for this program version» message

«The license key has expired» message

«The license key is invalid» message

Headset call control buttons integraiton

Jabra Evolve, Engage, Biz headset series integration

Plantronics headset integration

Instant Integration Features

Call phone number from clipboard

Outbound calling in Microsoft Office Еxcel

How to add Call button to Quick Access Toolbar in Microsoft Office Excel?

Click-to-call on phone number hyperlink with «sip:», «callto:», «tel:»

Click-to-call with a custom protocol prefix «call:» for example

Command line parameters

Obtaining customer data from 3-rd party system

Upload call recordings to network folder

Upload call recordings to web-server (HTTP)

Upload call recordings to FTP server

Upload softphone call recordings to cloud storage Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive

Import phone book from CSV file

Cisco, Yealink XML remote phone book synchronization

Google Contacts phone book synchronization

Zoho CRM Integration

Zendesk Integration

Hubspot CRM Integration

Pipedrive CRM Integration

How to get DID number for incoming call?

Regular Expression (RegExp) syntax for Caller ID modification